We all crave to live life on our own terms. We want to free ourselves from the dull gnawing of the daily grind, hostile or incompetent bosses, and heavy traffic, among other things. We cling to our desperate dreams of attaining financial security and freedom one day.

Many of us, however, feel that disintegrating the shackles that bind us to our circumstances now is a herculean feat, only achievable by the strongest and the luckiest among us. But crafting a life of meaning and enjoyment is possible for everyone, especially in the digital age where there are so many opportunities and resources.

That is something that mompreneur and lawyer Tamsen Horton discovered. I was able to interview her, and her story is not one without trials, uncertainties, and woes. But it is nevertheless filled with triumphs, successes, prosperity, and a deep and fulfilling happiness.

An inspiration

As Horton was seeking a new way of life, conversations with her fellow parents revealed something. Very few families had wills, guardianship papers, or other necessary legal documents that would protect their children in case a tragedy befalls.

That’s when inspiration struck. She understands how difficult and unappealing (on many levels) it is for parents to go to a cold and sterile attorney’s office with children to discuss the prospects of their untimely death. So, Horton opted to help moms take care of these sensitive matters online via Skype. This way, clients talk parent to parent from the comfort of their own home.

After a few months of doing this, Horton realized that she could take the core content she was serving mothers and turn it into a product. That’s when her first product, was born.

My Kid, My Plan™

As Horton’s online business started to expand, she started moving on from her WordPress website to an online course platform. She now houses the entirety of her course offerings on Kajabi. Now, she also helps others figure out how they can sell courses based off their knowledge.

Having transitioned from being a traditional attorney who to an online creative, Horton now knows that life doesn’t have to be experienced in a linear way, like what most people think..

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