Category: Evaluation of Idea

Enterpreneur Tips

1Embark you like. The entrepreneurial path is not easy. In fact, those of us who are experienced in this can safely say that is the most difficult of all. If you’re going to start a business, do it in an area you enjoy and do work you’re passionate about That way, when the blows start […]

Content Marketing & Social Process

Social presence & Online Marketing. Do it yourself to create value for your content. Below are the most important 3 Steps before “Go-Live” on Social presence. 1> Analyze and Observe Check Competition ensure you must learn from someone else mistakes Adopt social climate, need & demand of focus public Take calculative risk on Content wrt […]

Wake up & smell your Coffee

How to Validate Idea?? Most of us evaluate our idea based on emotion, feedback of friends & Family or by help of Google… Here I will explain methods which we learn (based on  so many strategy blogs & Books) to evaluate your idea, forecast potential profits and test. Check existence of your Idea. You may […]

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